After competence is achieved during Firefighting course, delegates can expand their training with an Advanced Firefighting course with more emphasis on practical command and control,  SCBA, search and rescue techniques and procedures, fixed installation information, SCBA confined space experience. This course will enhance fire safety in all work place environments as part of an Emergency Response Plan.

Duration:  02 Days

Theoretical:  30 %

Practical: 70 %

Target Audience

Suitably qualified employees nominated to be part of an Emergency Response Team (ERT) in their workplace


Upon completion of this course students will have the skills to be a fully active member of an Emergency Response Team (ERT)

They will understand the basics of classifications of fire, fire spread, the use of extinguishers & hose lines

They will undergo practical use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for fire fighting

They will understand the importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in an emergency environment


Students must attend wearing suitable safety footwear & clothing

Course Content

Through a series of theoretical & practical sessions participants will be able to…:

Understand the Classifications of fire

Understand the importance of selecting the correct fire fighting media

Understand the basics of fire spread

Be capable of selecting and using appropriate fire extinguishers

Be capable of using charged fire hose lines in an emergency situation

Understand and utilise SCBA safely & effectively

Be capable of working to a “fire attack” plan

Be able to demonstrate their ability to work as an effective Fire Team Member & deal with various emergency scenarios


Two  days   -   This course is assessable throughout its duration

Health & Safety

All students must be fit to undertake and contribute fully to the training

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