Course: First Aid Training 

Duration:  01 Days

Theoretical:  20 %

Practical: 80 %


Target Audience

Personnel who require an appreciation of the principles of First Aid and the development of basic life support skills


To provide attendees with the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and skills to be able to maintain competence in administering First Aid and preventing the deterioration of casualties


Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to :

Understand the principles of First Aid

Recognise an Emergency

Find out what’s wrong: Vital signs

Perform CPR

Perform appropriate actions for Choking

Treat bleeding and shock

Apply basic dressings and bandages

Treat burns

Splint the extremities

Deal with poisoning, bites and stings

Treat heat related emergencies

Course Content

  • Understand the appropriate actions to be taken to carry out preliminary assessment of the situation & rapidly assess the casualty
  • Correctly administer basic life support techniques including rescue breathing and CPR
  • Correctly manage conscious & unconscious casualties
  • Prevention of disease transmission


For performance criteria to be assessed the candidate will demonstrate practical skills through simulated situations & successful completion of a written multiple choice question examination

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