Fire Team Member Industrial

Upon completion of this course students will have the skills to be a fully active member of an Emergency Response Team (ERT)

Fire Warden Training

A fire Warden is a designated person who has received training to identify fire hazards during risk assessments and who had been given responsibility to help manage fire safety on a site or in a building.

Fire Watch Training

When a hot work permit applies, work activities may require at least one person appointed and trained as Fire Watchman. His role is to reduce the fire risk or respond quickly and effectively to control any hazard

Flagman Training

A course designed to teach people how to control site traffic movement and warn drivers of possible construction operations ahead. Such traffic control improves site safety.

H2S Training

The course ensures that delegates understand the hazards and safety procedures associated with H2S, its effects on the body and the safety measures when working in an H2S environment.

Hazmat Awareness Training

The course explains the various marking systems used to identify hazmats and it explains the importance of immediately raising an alarm and evacuating the immediate area.

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