FireDIRECT offer a complete range of fire related products on rental and lease basis. Short or long term rentals are available and a stock of refurbished equipment is available for sale, at rates well below market prices.

Small Gear

Hose reels

Fully Equipped Trucks





Working in collaboration with a renowned local hospital, fireDirect can provide MOH and John Hopkins approved Ambulances to provide madical cover where required.

The vehicles are available as: 


unequipped Ambulances

Fully equiped and fully staffed response ambulances

Providing an essential service in support of the construction sites or labor camp our medical teams are also capable of operation the site clinics.

Vehicle Selection:

Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV)

fireDIRECT have a range of new and used RIV's avaiable for deployment. As the name implies such trucks are used to enable a faster response time than the main fire trucks. An RIV has less fire power than a full truck, however, because of its speedier attendance times it is very effective. The vehicle often doubles up as the cammand post at an incident. As with all working relationships with fireDIRECT its management team will assist and advice when required.

Water Tankers

fireDIRECT have a range of new and used Water Tankers available for deployment. Such trucks are normal deployed to supplement the minited water supply carried on a fire truck and where no fire hydrant system exists. The fireDIRECT management will sit with the client to ensure that a vehicle appropriate the risks being protected, is provided.

A range of Water Tankers are available, and selecting the correct one is key element in the success of an operation. Water volume, the firefighting capabilities of the vehicle, carrying capacity of the tanker, maneuverability and refill facilities will all influence the selection process. Our management team will gelp, guide and advise you through that process.



Having an international network of fully trained Firefighters, Our crews are deployed throughout the mena Region. Although professional firefighters, they are each, subjected to range of additional training courses throughout their deployment, to maintain their levels of proficiency.

Fire Truck Drivers:

All qualified fire fighters, are also qualified fire truck operators. To drive the vehicle its necessary to hold a current suitable driving license and all our fire truck drivers are suitably licensed and experienced.

Station Manager:

Our Station Managers, are responsible for ensuring that the service provided is professional and efficient. He has sole control of the crews under his commad in both non emergency and emergency situations.

Fire Safety Inspectors:

Working to local standards our inspectors conduct statutory inspections of any type of facility.

Maintenance Crews:

Our maintenance crews are qualified fire detection and suppression system engineers.

Medical Crews:

Doctors, Nurses, Clinical Staff and EMT's area available to staff clinics or ambulances.

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