Fire Direct consultants can advise you on ways to prevent fire. Site and building design, layout, and material selection are critical, as is consideration of detection, monitoring, and suppression systems.

Our services begin with a detailed examination of the project situation to assure a clear understanding of our engagement.

Fire Direct can evaluate your current fire protection systems and building features to determine whether or not the building, contents, and occupants are properly protected in accordance with all applicable standards, local code requirements, and good fire protection and life safety practices. Fire direct can then prepare a clear and concise report on our findings.

Fire Direct can also provide recommendations on how to bring their fire protection systems and building fire and life safety features into compliance with building, fire and life safety codes. We can also work with our clients to write bids and specifications and select contractors to perform any needed work.

Fire Direct Consulting Services Includes:

Fire, Life Safety, and Building Code Compliance

Fire Protection Systems

 Hazardous Materials

Technical Assistance

 Legal Research

 Fire Protection System Investigations

Site Development Reports  Loss Prevention

Wireless Fire Alarm Signaling Transmission Networks

Fire Service Planning and Management

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